Saturday, 7 May 2011

Side project.

Being a creative person is tricky.  When you're lucky the ideas come at what can be a frantic pace, leaving you scrambling to find the time and energy to indulge them all. And then there are those times when you couldn't come up with an interesting idea if your life depended on it.  Lately I have been idling among the latter.  In order to reboot my creative self I have taken on this little project to help me think about my work from a different perspective.

The project: Purchase a garment from a large chain store and alter it in some small way - change the buttons, shorten a hem, etc., then return the altered item to the store.  The idea of transforming something from common into a one in a million garment is a pretty riveting concept to me.

My first attempt was timid but this project isn't about being ballsy.  I purchased a dress this morning from a store at my local mall. The bodice had three decorative (as in not functional) black buttons sewn at the center front.  I removed the middle button and replaced it with a white flower shaped button of a similar size.  I promptly returned the dress this afternoon, easily, with no hassle from the sales clerk. 

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