Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Alteration number two as it turns out, was a much more obvious 'adjustment'.  When I set out to purchase the next garment to transform I had denim on my mind. I  had planned to embroider a small image on one of the back pockets of a pair of jeans. When I arrived at the store however, a whole new idea came to mind. I have a collection of small pieces of scrap fabric covered in test prints from my gocco printing days. The orange owl print has been on my mind lately.  Always a sucker for the blue/orange color combo, I quickly purchased the blue stripped shorts.

When I returned to the store with the altered shorts I was a little nervous -if the sales person was familiar with the product at all she would surely notice something was amiss. Luckily however, she didn't flip the shorts over to inspect the back.  The return was made based on the assumption that they didn't fit, no questions asked (*sigh of relief*).  Attempt #2, success!

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