Thursday, 26 May 2011

Project #3

This time I took a slightly different approach. I decided to make my next adjustment while in Illinois for a work trip. Armed with some very cool handmade buttons, a gift from my brother (all the way from Chile no less) I made my way to the nearest Target.  With little more than a sewing kit commandeered from my hotel (scissors not included) I searched through the aisles to find my next victim.  To keep up appearances and justify an extended stay in the change room I picked up several items and headed to the fitting room.  I took only a few pics before and after as I was keenly aware of how suspicious my chirpy little camera could sound to anyone else in the change room. My apologies for the less than stellar photos.

I quickly sewed the button on to the dress. Not my best hand sewing but not to worry, this is strictly decoration. After packing my sewing kit away I took the 'after' pics, once again cursing the noisy device.  I then gathered all of the clothes to return them to the rack and carefully placed the altered dress in the middle of the group. I casually left my change room and dropped the garments off with the sales girl, cheerfully informing her that "nothing fit quite right, too bad -such cute dresses!" I doubt she was paying enough attention to me to detect the sarcasm.

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